Hermann Haller

Hermann Haller, CEO

Speaks: English

Cebu City

+63 917-106-8136


Hermann's goal is to ensure that his clients have access to the best information and data possible so that they are guided into making the most optimal and well informed decisions possible. 

He believes that real estate is a business of relationships, particularly in the Philippines since there is less publicly available data and information, and it requires a network of relationships to both protect the business interests of clients and to navigate local bureaucracies.  His extensive network has a global reach and he currently maintains contacts with real estate developers, brokers, companies, government officials, and clients in the Philippines, Across South East Asia, and the United States. 

He built this business with an acute awareness of the pain points that clients had, and built end to end tools and business processes that allow clients to have better information, improved one on one service, expertise, and attention. He believe that preparation, great process, and integrating technology into our workflows is the smoothest and fastest route towards helping clients make good decisions.

Hermann is a native Cebuano and there is no other place in the world that captures his heart more than his home city. He lives at the ocean and enjoys freediving, snorkeling, and being out on a boat with his fellow beach lovers. He completed his education at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and has worked in various corporate and entrepreneurial capacities prior to returning to the Philippines.